Monday, March 26, 2012

Busy Weekend, Thrifty Monday

I'm going to finally start using this long neglected blog instead of the easier to use, but harder to comment upon, tumblr.
We were really busy this weekend, at least the little guy and I were. Saturday morning we got up early to go to my workplace for the annual Eggstravaganza. I work at a conference center, and this is one of my favorite events of the year, mostly because I get to shop for it and then decorate. I'll try to get some photos up later. The ballroom was awash in flowers and colorful balloons and pastel tablecloths. Then came the dozens and dozens of small running, yelling children. Good times.

L.G. got to participate and had a grand time seeing the Easter Bunny, hunting for eggs, and making a magnet for our refrigerator. He also enjoyed his balloon sword by chasing myself and my coworkers around the lobby while laughing maniacally.
I did also manage to get some thrifting in on my day off on Wednesday. I hit up the Goodwill and found a few really cute dresses as well as two hats to remake for my Etsy Shop I think one of the hats is going to be a variation on the "Three Musketeers" style cavalier hat with one side pinned up and lots of feathers.
Of the two dresses I found to resell I'm considering keeping this one:

Just look at that lace! It's all cotton, no labels or makers marks, all of the seams are frenched or turned in and resewn. I have no idea how old it is but the fabric is high quality and in amazing shape. I have yet to try it on myself but I'm going to have to before I make a final decision.
The other dress is a vintage 1980s wool coat dress with a lot of 1940s styling cues. It's in great shape externally but the lining in the sleeves needs to be replaced. I'm considering cutting the skirt on this one shorter and turning it into a jacket to resell as Steampunk or Dieselpunk costuming. I love the brown velvet collar and all the buttons. I just wish it fit me!

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