Monday, April 30, 2012

Steaming ahead.

I didn't get much thrifting done this week because I'm still working through listing items from the last haul, as well as working on costume commissions for The Steampunk World's Fair .   It's one of the few weekends I leave the kid and Carl at home and go indulge my geeky side.   I have one of my outfits put together and I need to finish at least one more.  But first I have to finish two vests that I'm making for a friend who is going for the first time.  The first one in progress you can see here. 

The second will be similar but with a higher wing collar lapel and in a black brocade with a gold diamond pane pattern.  Very swank!  I'm also making complimentary cravats to go with each vest.  And I bit the bullet and forced myself to do the inset watch pockets even though they are a PAIN.  I think they came out lovely though!

I do have some more pictures of last week's haul to share though!  Like this adorable wicker basket purse. 

It was made by Etienne Aigner and it has fantastic details, like the leather strap and handle and the canvas lining.  It is missing the toggle on the front closure but I think it would be an easy fix.  Or it's just great as a little box for the shelf!  I have it up in my Etsy Shop along with the cloth under it which is a linen blend scarf with an orange plaid border. 

Items I'm still working on include this stack of vintage linens and embroidered pieces.  I soaked them in an oxyclean and gentle soap bath for a few days but most of them still have scorch marks or stains that don't want to come out.  I plan on selling them as a lot batch for someone to cut up and use for textile art! 

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Good Digging in the Bins

I had the day off this past Friday and immediately after I completed the hated grocery shopping I hightailed it to the Goodwill Outlet. I always find such great scores there! This week's haul included wooden Thomas train tracks as well as a drawbridge for the little guy's set. A "Byron" who is of course a bulldozer on the Island of Sodor. (Don't you just love knowing all these things?)

On the practical side of things I found a blue cashmere shrug and two pairs of cotton/linen blend pants for myself, a pair of cargo pants for Himself, and a pair of jeans for the kiddo. The really good stuff I have some pictures of. Like the 1940s wax flower bridal crown in PERFECT condition. I thought it was some kind of plastic until I got it home and did some research! I listed it in the shop on Friday and it didn't even last two hours before selling. So that one item paid for everything I bought. I love that!

Other vintage goodies include this gorgeous linen tablecloth with its original label attached. 

So pretty!  The linen is polished and super soft and the color is the most perfect cornflower blue.  This one is up in the Etsy Shop  right now, with more goodies to follow.  

On the mod end of things I found this great piece of fabric.

You can see on the edges where it had originally been stretched onto a frame to hang as a canvas.  And everything is still in perfect condition so there's no reason someone couldn't do it again.  The colors are SO bright and cheerful. 

The last thing I found I was really excited about, only to take it home and find it was not "quite" what I thought I had.  The framed cross stitch below had me really excited at the store.  It has a pencil inscription on the back of Christmas 1923! 

Looks like a vintage cross stitch right?  And gorgeous.  So imagine my surprise when I took it home to photograph and noticed this! 

For those who can't tell, the "sampler" is actually a print!  The date on the bottom reads 1917.  But look at the detail!  I would swear it was stitched if I had not taken part of the back off just to check for sure myself!

Live and learn, and then laugh!  At least it only cost me 50 cents!

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