Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Coats and Dresses and Flappers in Photos

I'm starting to load up the coats that have been patiently waiting all summer long into the shop.  I found most of these this summer at the Goodwill Outlet and I can't resist a fabulous vintage coat.

The first one is a faux Karakul wool or curly wool style coat.  It's likely from the 50s or early 60s and I was really interested to see the details of how it was made on the inside.  Most curly wool coats are made from a lambs hide with the wool trimmed and treated to create a curly moire pattern.  Really pretty but not so fun for the lamb, even if it happened decades ago many people prefer to go faux.  The coat is a woven cotton base with a pattern of "wool" curls laid down on it and sewn on as you can see in the photos.  It creates the same effect and was probably much less expensive for the lady who originally purchased it. 

The second coat I love soooo much I would keep it if only it was my size.  It's a 1970s red wool coat with some serious neo-Victorian styling details.  I love the braided trim and the Peter Pan collar don't you? 

I also spent a few days soaking this lovely little lace dress.  It was definitely made around the 80s just based on materials and the lace but it was made to look like a classic flapper dress.  The 20s sillouette had a big revival in the 80s and so did lace thanks to Madonna and Cyndi Lauper.  This would be an adorable dress for a vintage styled wedding! 


Speaking of the 1920s here is a fabulous class photo I found and it's even dated in the corner 1923.  On the back an inscription tells us that it was the class of 1929 although unfortunately it doesn't tell us the school.  So this was a class of 7th graders with their teachers.  I love the girls pastel dresses and their adorable bobs.

And no 1920s miss would go out without a handkerchief.  Like the ones in this box that were never even unfolded!  I think most of them date from the 50's but they are just so pretty with their embroidery and lace and scalloped edges.

Thanks for checking out my finds with me this week!  Hop on over to Apron Thrift Girl's Thrift Share Monday and check out all the great finds!  If you're interested in any of these lovlies they can be found at Reneesance