Monday, October 15, 2012

Thrifting with a friend is always more fun.

Most of today's blog actually comes from last Monday's thrifting adventures with my friend Dawn.  She came down to visit and since it was her birthday we went on a shopping trip to the thrift stores. It's always a great way to get more bang for your birthday buck don't you think?  She found lots of great lace curtains and bits for Steampunk costume projects, as well as that great black and white comforter in the background. 

Here's a photo of our "epic" haul at the end of the day.  Even though I TRIED to behave myself I must admit that four of those overstuffed bags are mine.  But how can I resist when it's such good stuff, and cheap to boot?  On the practical side I found 3 work shirts and a pair of linen pants for myself, as well as two shirts for the little guy and a pair of nice khakis that he can use for church or dress up occasions.  Then there was the couch throw, which I don't have a picture of.  It's green microfiber and down filled. I can't have down or feather pillows or blankets on the bed because it makes the mister all stuffed up, but on the couch is okay.  I was enjoying it this weekend when the temps dropped and we didn't want to turn on the heat yet. 
A while ago I posted a picture of a Steampunk hip scarf in progress. It's finally done and here are some pics to show you.

Everything on it was thrifted, which I'm pretty pleased about.  And it makes a very nice jingle jingle.

Stuff I found for the shop this week includes a whole stack of ladies gloves.  They're beautiful and in colors you don't often find.  The Tiffany Blue ones really caught my eye. 

And of course I'm still working through the pile of handkerchiefs.  This week it's a yellow and green lot. 

 More Gloves! I especially like the crocheted ones, so dainty and ladylike!
And of course I can never resist a vintage sheet. These two caught my eye this week. They're both up in the Reneesance Etsy Shop waiting for the right person with the right project to come along!  

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Monday, October 1, 2012

Thrifty Crafty Weekend

I had the day off on Friday so I managed to make it to my favorite place, the Goodwill Outlet.  I really tried to focus on things I thought I could resell quickly, and that wouldn't hang around in my basement too long.  It's a bit of a mess down there! 

I love the bins because it seems like a lot of vintage things just get taken directly to the outlet and never make it to the stores!  Like these handkerchiefs.  There was a whole stack, or really a series of stacks, of them in one bin that must have come from someone's collection.  I pulled them all out and I'm selling them in color coordinated bunches.  Lots of great crafting opportunities here.  I've seen people on Etsy turn them into buntings, quilts, and even curtains!   As always I couldn't resist this great fabric 

I've also been doing a bit of crafting myself.  I finished up this pirate hat that had been laying around half done for a month.  The hat was thrifted and then I added the ribbon and trim.  The feathers are either from a craft store, thrifted, or bought from a lady I know who has peacocks on her farm.  she collects the dropped feathers and sends them on to me!
My other project has been a bellydance hip scarf, made from some of the lovely doiles and laces I have laying around.  Here's an in progress teaser shot. I thrifted a brocade sash belt with lovely beaded embroidery on the ends.  Then I'm adding the crochet lace dresser scarf as the base, and the drapery fringe was rescued from an ugly thrifted drapery.  Still cheaper to buy the drapery than to buy the fringe at a fabric store!  I have to add lots of shiny jingles but eventually it will be showing up in the Etsy shop as well! 
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