Monday, July 23, 2012

Today I learned something about fabric...

Last week at the Goodwill bins I found a nice linen curtain panel with a lovely bold design on it.  I assumed it was mid-century based on the color pallette and threw it in the cart after a fruitless search for it's matching panel in the bin.  No luck there.  It's been sitting at home waiting for me to get a photo taken.  Beautiful right?  Here's a close up of one of the panels.  Such amazingly bright colors and really interesting graphics.

So I started doing a little research and imagine my surprise when I realize that it's not actually from the 1960's instead it's a piece that likely dates to the 1920s!   The company,  Doulton Cretonne was an English manufacturer and printer of linen fabric.  One example that I found online had a list price of $1200.00!!   Now as we know that doesn't mean that my piece will do anything like that and just because something is listed at an outrageous price doesn't mean it will sell either.  More research is definitely in order though.  I may end up sending an email the the Textile Museum in D.C. to see if they might have a resource as well.

Here are some more pictures of the printed selvage. 

My other fun purchase today was this fabulous and colorful painting.  The signature on the bottom reads (Neptune)  but I can't find anything online about the artist.  I'm guessing it was just a talented hobby painter but I can't wait to hang this up!  I need to do a little re-gluing of the canvas around the edges of the frame but otherwise it's in perfect condition.  

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Monday, July 16, 2012

A Vintage Mystery

Finally had a chance to do some thrifting this past weekend.  I went to my favorite location, that being the goodwill outlet in my area.  Some people don't like having to dig around in the bins and turn over piles of clothing to find the goodies but I love it.  Maybe I was a treasure hunter in a previous life ;)

The bins weren't as kind to me as usual this week, but I did find some goodies.  My favorite of which is this amazing indigo dyed coat. 

Look at the detail on the collar and sleeves.  The borders are beautiful silk pieces in a variety of textures and with different kinds of embroidery all over them. 

The mystery part is I still haven't figured out what part of the world it comes from.  The cut is very reminiscent of a Japanese working man's jacket, called a Noragi.  But I can't find any examples of Noragi with this sort of embroidery panels in it.  The embroidery looks much more Indian or Middle Eastern.  Does anyone have a suggestion on influence?  The jacket appears to have never been worn and is in perfect shape but has no label or markings anywhere.  I don't think it's very old and was probably intended for the tourist trade.  I just want to know where before I list it! 

I also picked up some adorable summer frocks but they're in the wash right now.  Pictures to follow soon! 

My sister in law found me a lovely 1950s wedding dress with a classic full skirt and long tight lace sleeves and collar.  It's such a pretty gown but has definitely seen better days.  The lace is dry rotted and very fragile but the understructure is still solid.  So I listed it in the shop as a tattered and torn gown.  I can see this being a fun piece for halloween.  Just add fake blood and you have an instant zombie bride costume! 

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