Monday, December 10, 2012

That Touch of Mink

More holiday craziness around here and I'm just scrambling to keep up.  Last weekend my parents visited along with their exchange student Kamila.  She's from Kyrgistan and has quickly become one of the Little Dude's favorite people.  We went to Longwood Gardens to see the holiday light display and it was so much fun!  Cold, but fun.  Here's a dorky picture of the myself, the little guy, and Kamila.   If you live in the Philadephia, Baltimore, or Northern Delaware area Longwood is so worth a visit this time of year.  The lights and decorations are amazing!  And they have a great train display too!

Okay so I know it's not for everyone and all, especially these days, but I really LOVE these vintage fur collars this week.  They're all from the 60s or even earlier and they are just fabulous. 

The first one is this early 1960s mod style Gray Mink collar.  So warm and pretty.  It's fully lined/finished with navy blue wool too! 

The second collar is a brown rabbit fur that's so soft and fluffy.  I do a lot of costuming for friends and Etsy and this would look great on a Henry VIII style surcoat!
The last and my favorite is this amazing curly fluff wool collar.  The wool is creamy ivory tipped with brown.  I just want to snuggle it!   All three are up in my Etsy Shop this week!

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holiday Insanity

The Christmas prep insanity has me in its grip this month.  Not that I've actually been able to DO much prepping as yet.  Between visiting family and family visiting us I've been lucky to keep the laundry under control and the dishes done!  I did get a chance to do some thrifting with my mom and sister this past weekend but I really came up with not much of anything for once.  The bins were slim pickings.  Don't know if that's due to it being a Saturday morning, or the holiday season?  Usually I thrift during the week so I'll hit them up Wednesday and see what it looks like then!
Here are a few things I've found recently...

The pink and red fabric below is another vintage cotton, probably from the 40s?  It's already cut out in 36" x 40 panels so maybe it was a never finished project?   It has some staining so I'm going to try to wash it before listing in the shop. 

The fab Mod fabric below is 37" wide and a cotton pique.  I think it would make fabulous napkins or pillows for a bright sunny room.  It's up in the shop already :)

Admit it, you had a pair of jeans like this fabric in the Eighties didn't you?  I know I did, and I LOVED them.  I've got two yards of this great denim up in the shop right now.  It would be an adorable dress or jacket for a little girl, or for the lady who's a girl at heart.

The last item from the way back machine is this plaid taffeta dress.  The perfect holiday party dress as far as I'm concerned.  Who says the 80's can't come back in style? This one's in the shop too this week. 
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