Monday, June 11, 2012

Thrifting with Mom

It was back to the Goodwill bins this past week.  This time with my mom, who taught me to love to thrift!  She had never been before and we went a little three overflowing carts worth of nuts.  But what treasures we found! 

My favorite is this amazing patchwork quilt top
Look at those colors!  The squares run the decades from at least the 1940s into the 1960's and are mostly cotton with only one or two polyester squares making an appearance.  There's barkcloth, and childrens juvenile prints,  great retro atomic patterns, and men's shirting stripes.  I have it listed up in the shop because despite what I may tell myself I would never get around to actually attaching a backing and quilting it!  It's big enough for a queen sized bed too so I hope it will find a good new home.

There was a lot of great fabric this time, including this lovely indigo patterned print in a nice soft brushed denim fabric.
7.5 yards by 58".  Wouldn't this make an amazing squishy armchair??

The poncho below is made of a very nice quality wool and the stitching all over is hand done.  no clue as to vintage, as it could be decades old or very new tourist goods from somewhere in South America.  Anyone have any ideas for me?

Finally I'll finish up with a different kind of thrift.  I work in conference services for a large university and we had our Alumni Weekend the first weekend in June.  The flowers and arrangements below came from the picnic brunch we organized and we all got to take amazing sunflowers and woodsy baskets home with us.  They currently make my kitchen look so happy!

The blue glass Ball jar holding the sunflowers was also a Goodwill outlet find from last month!  It's my new favorite flower vase. 

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